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TONY'S 5" Deep Dish Pizza Products

TONY'S™ 5" Deep Dish Cheese Pizza

Cheese Pizza

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TONY'S™ 5" Deep Dish Pepperoni Pizza

Pepperoni Pizza

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TONY'S™ 5" Deep Dish Supreme Pizza

Supreme Pizza

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Our Commitment to Great Pizza Goes Deep

TONY'S™ 5" Deep Dish Supreme Pizza

Par-Baked Crust

Par-baked crust ensures consistency and quick bake time

two tomatoes

Signature Sauce

Tony's pizza sauce is the perfect blend of vine-ripened tomatoes and herbs

shredded mozzarella cheese

100% Real Mozzarella Cheese

Always topped with creamy, freshly shredded cheese

onions, peppers and pepperoni

Topping Varieties

Available in three popular varieties: cheese, pepperoni, and supreme

Big on Convenience and Value

  • Serve crowds big and small, quickly and easily
  • Par-baked crust is easy to handle and quick to prepare
  • Foolproof prep baked from frozen or thawed
  • Bakes in just about any kind of oven, so it's perfect for any operation
  • Every pizza is delicious and consistent for total patron satisfaction
  • Value-priced to help manage food costs

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