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Pizzas & Crusts

From quick & convenient to fully customizable, pizza is always popular with patrons and we have the formats to fit your operation.

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Premium partially and fully topped pizzas, plus starter crusts.

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The #1 leader in K-12 pizza.*

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Value-priced, single-serve, flavor-packed pizzas.

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Customer-trusted pizza in convenient single-serve size.

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Fully Topped Pizzas

Get consistent results despite customer surges or limited kitchen capacity.

  • Multiple formats to fit your needs
  • Pre-applied cheese and sauce save time on prep
  • Yeast leavening for pizzeria quality

Formats & Sizes

sizes for single serve pizzas


Get easy prep from freezer to oven.

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sizes for multi-serve pizzas


Flexible prep for most commercial ovens.

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sizes for sheet pizzas

Sheet Pizzas:

Pre-scored for minimal prep.

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How To: Make Pizza Versatile

Just 1 pizza can make deep dish, pizza rolls, Stromboli and more.

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PIzza Video Collection

See how chefs create flavorful solutions with fully topped pizzas.

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How To: Customize and Thrive

Create your own style with enticing, on-trend ingredients.

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Pizza at Breakfast

Start the school day off right with protein-packed TONY’S® Breakfast Pizzas.

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Pizza On-the-Go

Individually wrapped, single-serve pizzas offer the ultimate in flavor and convenience.

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Partially-Topped Pizzas

Endless possibility begin with VILLA PRIMA® SCRATCH READY® Pizza

  • No need for skilled labor or special equipment
  • Pre-applied cheese and sauce save time on prep
  • Choose any topping to start customizing

Formats & Sizes

single serve 8


Scratch-quality taste in personal-sized format.

sizes for multi-serve pizzas


Partially topped pies in standard sizes.

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How To: Make Pizza Versatile

Just 1 pizza can make deep dish, pizza rolls, Stromboli and more.

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Customization Demo

Learn how to make partially topped pies your own.

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VILLA PRIMA® pizza video collection

Learn how to do more with scratch-ready pizza.

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Starter Crusts & Sheeted Dough

Get a head start on the competition with the ultimate in flexibility and ease.

  • Top, bake, and transform into pizza, breadsticks and more
  • No proofing or thawing needed
  • Naturally yeast-leavened for scratch quality

Formats/Sizes of pizzas

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Personal-sized, self-rising crusts.

diagram showing various sizes of multi-serve crusts


Self-rising crusts dusted with cornmeal for distinct texture and taste.

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Recipe Ideas

Make unique favorites like BBQ Chicken Pizza and more.

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How to: handling starter crust

See how to make the most of your VILLA PRIMA® Starter Crust.

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Ham & Gruyere Pizza Rolls

Make these pinwheels with VILLA PRIMA® Starter Crusts.

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