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Asian Favorites

Wherever you are on your Asian culinary journey, these prepared apps, mains, bases and sauces can help you take advantage of increasing consumer demand.

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MINH® products are ready-to-heat, classic, American-Chinese favorites.

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CHEF ONE® products are trend-forward, easily accomplished flavors that let you take the next step.


TWIN MARQUIS® products let you use your creativity to make a more sophisticated Asian menu.

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Pre-prepared Asian Favorites

Ready-to-heat favorites, easy to execute in Foodservice, Convenience or K-12 without Asian expertise

  • Ready-to-cook from freezer to fryer or oven
  • Low prep: Just bake or add to roller grill
  • Great hold times
Pre-prepared egg rolls

Egg Rolls

Fresh vegetables and proteins rolled in a crispy wrapper, then pan-fried and frozen for freshness.

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Pre-prepared Dumplings & Potstickers

Dumplings & Potstickers

Bite-sized dumplings filled with proteins, veggies and spices inside a savory dumpling wrapper.

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Pre-prepared Spring Rolls

Spring Rolls

Our spring rolls combine vegetables and seasonings in a delicate wrapper.

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Students line up for Asian favorites.

Asian flavor is in demand in K-12. We make it simple to menu.

School lunch tray with carton of milk, green beans, pineapple, and Asian cuisine

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Creative Wrappers

TWIN MARQUIS® Wrappers are just the start of exciting, innovative flavor.

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Recipe Inspiration

Get ideas for entrées, apps and sides to use on your menu.

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Make a dumpling stir fry

Watch Chef Jet demonstrate how to build a dumpling stir fry.

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Egg roll sliced in half

Restaurant quality. Grab-n-Go Convenience.

Egg rolls and dumplings are great for on-the-go consumers. We can help you reach them.

Dumplings in a to-go container

Noodles, Wrappers & Fried Rice

Ideal for building your Asian menu. Just add proteins, veggies or other pantry staples to make dishes your own.

  • Great bases for customization
  • Easy to prepare with many prep options
  • Hassle-free
Various types of Asian noodles


A great base for authentic Asian dishes. Our yakisoba, udon, lo mein or ramen noodles let you create a multitude of inspired Asian dishes.

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Various shaped wrappers for Asian appetizers


A hassle-free canvas ready for your own fillings to bring Asian appetizers to life.

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Fried rice in a takeout container

Fried Rice

With no lumps, clumps or sticking, our traditional-style fried rice features a mixture of vegetables and is easy to prepare in an oven, steamer or microwave.

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A guide to adding Asian

An easy guide to show how to add Japanese, Korean and Chinese cuisine to your menu.

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Recipes Inspiration

Get ideas for entrées, apps and sides to use on your menu.

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To-Go Asian Meals

Watch as Chef Jet creates easy to-go Asian meals.

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Stir Fry kits & Sauces

Make a wide range of Asian meals with leading QSR flavors that people crave.

  • Less-sodium sauces available
  • No HFCS, artificial colors or flavors
  • Hassle-free prep
Stir fry on a school lunch tray with a carton of milk and raw radishes

Stir Fry Kits

Our stir fry kits have the perfect ratio of sauce to chicken and can be served as-is or used to create Asian-style wraps, sandwiches, bowls and more.

a variety of Asian-cuisine inspired sauces in bowls


Flavorful MINH® less-sodium sauces deliver taste and flexibility to your menu.

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