Flavorful Asian Foods made easy to prepare.

Get your Asian menu off to a brilliant start.

Minh® Asian appetizers, sides and sauces allow you to offer tasty foods consumers crave with menu-ready convenience and consistent quality.

Asian Appetizers

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Egg Rolls

The top consumer-preferred Asian appetizer has never been more versatile or easy to prepare. Made with the perfect blend of pork or chicken, vegetables, seasonings and fresh, crispy wrappers. Available in two sizes. Perfect fried, baked, or heated on a roller grill.

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Delicious pork, spices and locally sourced vegetables shredded fresh daily are wrapped in traditional dumpling wrappers. Pan-fried, baked or steamed, they make the perfect appetizer or side with any Minh® Less Sodium Sauce for dipping.

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Spring rolls

The perfect Asian finger food, our spring rolls combine fresh vegetables and seasonings in a light, crispy wrapper. Paired with any Minh® Less Sodium Sauce for dipping, they make a great starter or side, any time of day.

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Asian Entrée Solutions

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Increase menu variety and versatility with five flavor-packed Asian sauces. Use our Sweet & Sour, Teriyaki, Kung Pao, Szechwan and Orange sauces straight out of the package or as inspiration for signature sauce creations that are sure to please.

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Fried Rice

Fried rice turns any Asian dish into the perfect combo meal. Trade in the chopping and prep time for quality and consistency. With no sticking or clumping, our fried rice is complete in flavor and easy to prepare.

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Stir Fry Kits

Give students the restaurant quality flavor they want and the menu flexibility you need. Our stir fry kits can be served as-is or used to create Asian-style wraps, sandwiches, bowls and more. Meet nutritional guidelines and offer multiple flavor options with minimal prep.

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Our products are made from chef-inspired recipes and simple, quality ingredients that will delight your patrons and minimize your operation's workload.

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