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Today’s patron desires something different. Something adventurous. Something out of the ordinary. Offer them a truly wondrous menu filled with the MINH® Appetizers like Egg Rolls, Spring Rolls and Potstickers they crave, and watch them come back again and again.

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To make it easy to give your patrons the Asian meals they crave, for a limited time you can buy MINH® Appetizers and save big. Even easier? You can contact us however you choose.

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Give your patrons what they love and what they expect.

84% of your patrons report they eat Asian food at least once a month when they’re dining out. And they’re looking for more ways to satisfy their Asian craving.* With MINH® Appetizers, you can give them the flavor they’re looking for with a host of benefits:

Consistent quality that meets expectations every time.

Patron-preferred taste that satisfies a craving for Asian food.

The versatility to complete an Asian combo meal in a variety of exciting ways.

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Taste your patrons love.
Benefits that you will love, too.

Made with fresh, locally sourced vegetables, shredded in-house daily.

Traditional egg roll and potsticker wrappers made in-house.

No Certified Artificial Colors, no High Fructose Corn Syrup and no added MSG.

The perfect combination of menu versatility and ease of preparation.

Serve up Asian appetizers in a whole new way.

We’re promoting new MINH® dishes that let you turn appetizers into a full meal. Use these exclusive recipes to keep your patrons coming back.

Potsticker Soup

Teriyaki Egg Roll Stir-Fry

Noodle Salad w/ Spring Rolls

Twice-Stuffed Egg Rolls

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it’s easy to make your menu all new.

Contact us and we’ll hook you up with enticing new recipes that will get your patrons excited to try MINH® Appetizers.

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