“Scratch quality in half the time.”

Let us show you how Villa Prima® Scratch Ready® pizza gets your operation serving incredible pizza at warp speed.

Scratch Ready® Pizza. We start the masterpiece. You finish it.

Villa Prima® Scratch Ready® pizza is the start of something great. That’s because we’ve taken care of half the work for you. So you’re on your way to wonderful right from the beginning.

This is how the magic begins.

It arrives like this: pre-proofed with traditional pizzeria-style sauce and light layer of 100% real mozzarella cheese. No dough ball. No hassle.

Add your artistry.

Get fancy. Get traditional. Get creative. Just be prepared to save some serious time on your way to an awesome pizza.

Serve something spectacular.

Just bake, and bask in the glory. After all, your customers will be enjoying a scratch-quality taste experience every time.

With a pizza this fast and convenient, you’ll realize lots of great program benefits.

  • 10 steps eliminated in the process
  • Time savings of 1 minute and 46 seconds per pizza
  • Freezer to oven, requires no pre-planning

Speed is important, but never at the risk of quality. With Scratch Ready® pizza, you don’t have to sacrifice on taste.

  • Scratch-quality taste
  • The opportunity for a customized pizza experience
  • Consistent performance in multiple venues
  • 100% real mozzarella cheese and vine ripened tomatoes

Villa Prima® Scratch Ready® pizza is simply a smart choice for your program. Because a convenient, consistently great pizza means an operation that runs more efficiently.

  • Sauce and cheese already added means controlled ingredient costs
  • Baking on-demand leads to less product waste
  • Eliminate back-of-house efforts – no more tossing dough balls
  • Ability to reallocate staff to other duties

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