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MINH® Makes It Easy To Menu Asian

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Discover the Asian flavors students crave.

MINH® Asian offerings are great on their own or as part of a combo meal,
with the flavors students crave plus:

No High Fructose
Corn Syrup

No Certified
Artificial Colors


The Schwan’s Chef Collective collaborated with Houston schools to create new fusion flavors

Top chefs from The Schwan’s Chef Collective, including Food Network’s Chef Jet Tila, visited the Houston Independent School District to show how MINH® sauces can bring in-demand, delicious flavors to the K12 menu.

Korean BBQ Beef Tacos

Made with MINH® Teriyaki Sauce

BBQ Pork and Cornbread Bake

Made with MINH® Teriyaki Sauce

Pulled Pork Sandwich with Asian Slaw

Made with MINH® Sweet & Sour Sauce

Vietnamese Beef Pho Soup

Made with MINH® Szechuan Sauce and MINH® Whole Grain Vegetable Egg Roll

Asian BBQ Pork Nachos

Made with MINH® Orange Sauce

Asian Rainbow Slaw

Made with MINH® Sweet & Sour sauce and MINH® Teriyaki sauce

Mix, match, and pair these items and you’ll make a complete meal students love

Whole Grain Fried Rice

A full mix of whole grain brown rice, carrots, peas, corn and seasoning, that won’t clump or stick.

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Whole Grain Egg Rolls

Prepared with fresh vegetables and house-made wrappers in 3 flavorful varieties: Pork, Chicken, and Vegetable.

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Less-Sodium Sauces

5 unique flavors with the sodium levels you need to turn the proteins and vegetables you have on-hand into brand new, craveable dishes.

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Stir Fry Kits

Get sauces and proteins that pair perfectly with ingredients in your pantry to make takeout-style meals easy.

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Need help putting it all together?

Our FREE Pairing Guide will show you the perfect combination of MINH® Asian offerings and ingredients you have on hand that makes a complete meal.


Get the most out of your MINH® sauces. Download the FREE MINH® Simple Mix-Ins guide now and expand the Asian flavors your kids ask for.

Earn more for your menu

MINH® Asian offerings are part of The Kitchen Circle Program, so your purchases can help you earn more back-of-house equipment, travel to ANC, and great rewards for your students. Sign up or log in today to start earning.

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